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We are a NYC SEO Social Media Marketing agency specialised on defining how to approach social media and how should be integrated within the organization

Our view is based on four principles:
1. Understand how SM impacts you business
Companies should understand how social media impacts their business. By doing that companies will be able to develop sustainable strategies:
  • Create control groups for brand impact measurement.
  • Calculate the earn-media.
  • Calculate the gross adds generated by Social Media (and other business indicators).

2. Create your own apps/web and own databases
What happens if Facebook disappears:

  • Social Media marketing is more than Facebook.
  • Depending on a 3rd party is dangerous.
  • Own apps and own database is key.

3. Capture emails
Do not forget that emails is one of the most important customer assets:

  • Allows companies to identify their customers.
  • One of the best marketing tools to perform campaigns.
  • So…think how to capture them.

4. Invest in your community before extracting value 
Communities require a certain critical mass before being able to extract value out of them. 

  • One of the first priorities is to enlarge the community.
  • Value proposition of the community should be strong enough in order to compete in an immense offer of communities (just think in how many communities are being build around the topic of “films” and “sport”).
  • Keep Investment low (e.g with Community managers): the good community is the one that almost do not require community managers.